“With all due respect to the chroniclers of Andalucía that have gone before, this is without a doubt the most accurate, thorough and comprehensive account of the Marco de Jerez to date…. Finally, we have the book that dispels the myths, and gets right down to the bare soul of the region, yet captures the romance through accuracy of information.”

Steven Olson – aka wine geek

“With erudition and eloquence, Liem and Barquín offer the tools essential to empathetic and enlightened enjoyment of an amazing class of wines about which ignorance reigns. If you are among the few who appreciate sherry, this book is your added good fortune. If not, then to avoid reading it will be your misfortune!”

David Schildknecht – Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

“The definitive guide to sherry as it was and as it is now.”

S Irene Verbila – Los Angeles Times

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