Hot Rum Cow Arrives at Liquid Curiosity!

Hot Rum Cow

Hot Rum Cow is a gorgeously-designed magazine produced in the UK, and it really is a treat for the eyes as well as offering treats for the palate.

The new magazine is dedicated to ‘delving into the back stories about drinks’ as its editor Fraser Allen explains, and the third issue — the first available from Liquid Curiosity — is no exception.

It traces the links between whiskey and colonial life for English drinkers, as well as sampling whiskeys from Iceland, as well as those from America and Scotland.

Hot Rum Cow MagazineFuture issues will be themed around other drinks with the aim of introducing drinkers to the most interesting drinks available around the world.

Issue 3 is available now from Liquid Curiosity. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out about new issues and other publications throughout the year.

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