Liquid Curiosity provides expert food and drink consultancy services, as well as a variety of courses in its efforts to support businesses as they develop their food and beverage offerings

Liquid Curiosity’s director Jaq Stedman is a trained oenologist, with a deep understanding of food and drink from the production stages right through the processes of sourcing, selling, and managing strong customer experiences.

Jaq draws on her substantial experience in teaching about wine and beer to support the development of new and established food and beverage businesses in Ireland.

Her knowledge and understanding of oenological and viticultural practices to an advanced standard, and her special interest in diversification through brewing, distilling, food and tourism mean that she is uniquely placed to support Irish businesses who want to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated domestic and tourist market.

Additional Areas of Expertise include:

● Social Media engagement.
● Product development, pricing and promotion.
● Food and beverage knowledge, and the ability to communicate this in a clear and concise
manner to different audiences.
● Food production knowledge.
● Event creation, execution and management.
● Pricing and usage of Online Payment systems.

To arrange a free phone consultation on your business’ requirements, contact Jaq Stedman using the contact form below.

Consultancy Enquiry Form

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